Melbourne Art Fair Vernissage, 2014

Zu Jinshi, Pearl Lam Gallery, Hong Kong

Su Xiaobai, Pearl Lam Gallery, Hong Kong

Conny Dietzschold Gallery with Donald Martiny on the left

Glass abstraction at Conny Dietzschold Gallery

Conny Dietzschold Gallery with Edgar Diehl left

Dorothy Napangardi

Roslyn Oxely9 Gallery, Nyapanyapa Yunupingu and David Noonan right

Emma Langridge at Anna Pappas Gallery

Karl Wiebke at Liverpool Street Gallery

Louise Blyton at Cube Contemporary Art Projects

Dani Marti

Early work by Sally Gabori

Watters Gallery, Sydney with a Tony Tuckson

Hannah Quinlivan and Agneta Ekholm at Flinders Lane Gallery

Michael Zavros at Stark White, New Zealand

Peter Adsett at Paulnauche New Zealand

Yomaki Art Gallery, Osaka

Michael Reid Gallery, Berlin

Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, August 13-17, 2014. This is just a snap shot, there is so much more to see!


Bernard Cohen

Floris, 1964, oil and tempera on canvas, 1830 x 1834 mm


Su Xiaobai

Su Xiaobai, Pearl Lam Galleries

Su Xiaobai, 'Painting and Being' at Pearl Lam Galleries,  Hong Kong, oil, lacquer, linen, wood

Art Basel Hong Kong 2014

Su Xiaobai, Pearl Lam Galleries website


Cheyney Thompson

Chronochrome Set 11, 2011, oil on canvas, 276.9 x 190.5 cm and 73.7 x 190.5 cm.

Cheyney Thompson, Andrew Maerkleon interview 'Allegory of the body and the name' on Art It


Wolfgang Ellenrieder

Installation view, Josef Filipp Gallery, 2014

Wolfgang Ellenrieder website


Juan Uslé

 I Dreamt that You Revealed XI (Congo), 2013, Vinyl, dispersion, and pigment on canvas, 274.5 x 203 cm.

Juan Uslé
The mechanical repetition of the brushstrokes in the I Dreamt that You Revealed series clearly evinces a systematic, process-oriented approach. The brushstroke, moreover, is a visible trace of the body and its physical activity. At the same time, the effect of these works is highly meditative, as though they were oblong mandalas. excerpt Guggenheim Bilbao.


Nicola Ukic

Untitled (Expanded Fields), 2013
Elastic Polyurethane, Pigment, Uv Print Transfer On Canvas, 49 x 39 x 2.5 cm

Nicola Ukic website


Wyatt Kahn

Boxed, 2013. Canvas on canvas on panel, 49″ x 40″.

Wyatt Kahn website


Lorri Ott

Punch, 2009. Resin, pigments, tape, h 25" x w 30.5" x d 7.5"

Lorri Ott website


Dark (More than Black)

Installation shots courtesy of Emma Langridge for Dark (More than Black)

Dark (More than Black) at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery until July 5.

Magda Cebokli, Andrew Christofides, Tracey Coutts, Ross Harrison, Christopher Heathcote, Kendal Heyes,
PJ Hickman, Emma Langridge, Lis McDonald, Julia Ritson, Wilma Tabacco, Stephen Wickham.


Scott Hove

Trophy, mixed media sculpture, from the Cakeland Series
Scott Hove website


Anthony Lyttle

Accumulation series (Drawing), White Spot, 2012, 295 x 289 cm.

Anthony Lyttle website


Michael Cusack

Roth,  2014, mixed media on canvas, 210 x 200 cm.

Michael Cusack at Karen Woodbury Gallery until 24 July

Michael Cusack website


Suzie Idiens

Flesh White, 2012, MDF, Polyurethane, 69 x 80 x 7cm.

Suzie Idiens spotted at Strange Neighbour in 'Slow Worlds' curated by Andrew Gaynor until July 5.

Suzie Idiens website


Colin McCahon

The Lark's Song, 1969, acrylic on two wooden doors, 162.6 x 198 cm.

Colin McCahon online catalogue