Robert Janitz

Robert Janitz, installation view of 'Shift Stick Heaven'
Robert Janitz
'Shift Stick Heaven'
February 23 to March 23, 2014
Team (gallery inc)
83 Grand Street, New York

'The paintings are evocative of acts specific to manual labor — window washing, spackling, grouting — as they relate to erasure and negation. The artworks call to mind the streaks on a recently cleaned pane of glass, making us aware of a surface meant to be transparent, invisible. Janitz’s painterly gestures have a similar relationship to the picture plane, obscuring it with paint in order to reveal it.'


Afonso Tostes

Afonso Tostes at Casa França-Brasil
Afonso Tostes


Fergus Feehily

The Rag Palm, 2011, Oil and acrylic on MDF, found cloth, 35 x 30 x 1 cm

Fergus Feehily, "Makeshifts and Endnotes"


Harold Ancart

Harold Ancart, 2013, Berlin, black pigment applied directly to the wall.
Harold Ancart, Mousse Magazine, 2013.

Richard Aber

Richard Aber exhibition installation shot
Richard Aber website


Anton Hart

Untitled, 1994. Painted plywood, chalk pastel, sock & steel fittings, 2.5m x 1.8m x .3m

Local walk

Local hand-made free book exchange near the train station and chewing gum post...

Jacques Clauzel

Peintures, 2011,195 x 130 cm
Jacques Clauzel website

Luca Caccioni

Onicophagie. 2013
Luca Caccioni website

Mandy Gunn

Detail of Woven Book Pages

In conversation with Mandy Gunn: ZoneOneArts
Mandy Gunn website

Adriana Varejao

Wall, 2001, óleo sobre tela , instalação com 18 telas

Paul Rinaldi

Through a Glass Darkly, no. 2, encaustic on panel

Maria Walker

Summer – Summer Solstice, 2011-12. Acrylic, unprimed canvas, wood, 65.5 x 49″

Stacy Fisher

White speckled shape on a shelf, 2012. Hydrocal, burlap, wood, latex paint, 37 x 30 x 6.25".

Eben Goff

Eben Goff, Fuji Stick, 2010. Mixed media on birch & alder, 41 x 31 x 7"