Ngayarta Kujarra

11 WA artists, Ngayarta Kujarra, 2009, polymer paint on canvas 300x500cm

This painting is currently on view at the National Gallery of Victoria. A massive work made by a group of artists from Western Australia, Yikartu Bumba Manyjilyjarra, Jakayu Biljabu Manyjilyjarra, Nyanjilpayi Nancy Chapman Manyjilyjarra, May Chapman Manyjilyjarra, Doreen Chapman Manyjilyjarra, Linda James Manyjilyjarra Mulyatingki Marney Manyjilyjarra, Reena Roger Manyjilyjarra, Beatrice Simpson Manyjilyjarra, Ronelle Simpson Manyjilyjarra, Muntararr Rosie Williams Manyjilyjarra, Ngayarta Kujarra, 2009, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 300.0 x 500.1 cm.
Even better in real life, I couldn't stop looking at it. It is such a fabulous work.


peer said...

I agree, this is an incredible work of art. The scale, colour and delicacy of its delivery render it kind of magical really - it is almost as if perfumed! So glad you have posted this

TAB said...

Hi Peer, lovely description of this epic work. In person the mark making is not contrived at all. It is really remarkable when you consider how many people worked on it. It is about fundamental things that make art about lesser things seem unimportant really. A lesson.