Fulham Grange

Eugene Von Guerard
‘The farm of Mr Perry on the Yarra’ 1855

Von Guerard’s painting of Fulham Grange, which was the original farm at Fairfield, Melbourne, and Coate Park today which was part of the farm. 

Eugene Von Guerard, The farm of Mr Perry on the Yarra 1855

Judging from the slope of the land the left boundary of the property adjoins Fairfield park boat sheds. Fulham Grange occupied Fairfield. 
Coate Park today which was part of the original farm

Fulham Grange farmhouse site

Fulham Grange occupied Fairfield. This house stands at the place of the farm house in the painting. It has very old timber features, a basement and a rotunda. The house faces the wrong direction to the street and the house number is incorrect making it likely that it stood prior to the first subdivision. Further the road behind the fence boundary in the painting follows the exact curve of Heidelberg road which is one of the oldest roads in Melbourne and developed as a track.

Heidelberg School Eaglemont

This is the spot where the Australian impressionists walked from their base house in Eaglemont towards Heidelberg to paint.

Mount Eagle subdivision open park

This is also an open communal park in the Walter Burley Griffin Mount Eagle subdivision.

Arthur Streeton painting

Above a painting by Arthur Streeton. Note the similarities in the light, the dirt road and the vegetation.

Old kitchen stove?

A part of a fence boundary that looks like an old kitchen and the other side of the fence. Could this be the remnants of the cottage in the painting? This building structure is 50 metres from where the Impressionist's camp house stood. It, in theory, could be an out building.

Stone Wall

There is nothing left of the original farmhouse they painted in. However this section of this house was quite likely was standing and it’s the only structure from that time in the area. Interesting that Griffin kept this area open only 30 years later. Maybe he knew?

John Nixon

Faktura (Experimental Painting Workshop)
To August 18
Anna Schwartz Gallery

Silver Konstruction 1, 2017, enamel on canvas with paint roller, 51 x 40 x 5 cm.

Gold Konstruction 1, enamel on canvas with broken wood 60 x 45 cm.

Installation photo

Installation photo

Anna Caione

Gesto (Gesture)
To August 25
West End Art Space,
185 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne

Installation photo Anna Caione

Painting: Gesto Blu, 2018. Fabric and mixed media on canvas, 100 x 100 cm.

Painting detail, Anna Caione

‘In 2018 Anna Caione was awarded a Fellowship from the International Specialised Skills Institute, Australia to travel and undertake studies in art in Milan, Italy.

Caione had the opportunity to study the Martenot Method, a unique philosophy of art centered on reawakening creativity. Caione was taught by a former student of Ginette Martenot (1902-1996), the founder of the Martenot Method.

Caione’s current exhibition ‘Gesto’ – Gesture, includes new works derived from this philosophy. The artworks centre on bodily proportion and movement and incorporate gesture and ‘stretching’ as an articulation of the human form. The layering of materials further evokes the body’s natural alignments and proportions. These artworks reflect Caione’s recent studies and focus on her capacity of line, mark making and gesture to connect mind and body through movement.’ Exhibition text.

Melbourne Art Fair 2018

John Nixon, Two Rooms, Auckland NZ

Ron Robertson-Swann, Charles Nodrum Gallery

Karyn Taylor, Anna Papas Gallery. Cut Perspex, New Zealand.

Richard Lewer NZ (detail)

Paul Lee, Michael Lett, Auckland NZ (Cut bath towels)

Dominik Mersch Gallery, Lottie Consalvo and Martin Browne Contemporary, Idiko Kovacs

Spring 1883

‘Spring 1883’ at the Hotel Windsor as part of Melbourne Art Week and coinciding with the Art Fair. The Windsor is a grand Melbourne hotel opposite Parliament House. 24 galleries have taken up suites in the hotel.
Windsor hall

Howard Arkley, Fort Delta

Sarah Scout Presents

Dale Frank at Neon Parc

Singapore Cottege

Is a place I like to visit. It's a small slice of old Collingwood

‘This rare surviving example of a prefabricated building imported from Singapore in the 1850s uses distinctive framing, exotic timbers and Chinese characters which distinguish it from the many prefabricated houses imported during the gold rush period.’ Victoria Heritage Website 


Group exhibition
Curated by PJ Hickman
To August 4
Five Walls

Exhibiting artists: PJ Hickman, Raymond Carter, Aaron Martin, Shelley Jardine, Samara Adamson-Pinczewski, Craig Easton, Peter Adsett, Fan Zhongming, Melinda Harper, Kubota Fumikazu, Joyce Huang, Emma Langridge

Selected works:

Peter Adsett, NZ

PJ Hickman, Raymond Carter

Samara Adamson-Pinczewskption (courtesy of Charles Nodrum Gallery)

Emma Langridge
Tape acknowledges the wide number of artists utilising tape in their practice. This exhibition brings together international and Australian artists. A range of techniques are exemplified including using tape to obtain a ‘hard edge’ result or tape as the main substrate. Others use tape as a starting point for investigation of ‘the accident’ or interference.

Fiona Halse

July 19 - 28
Factory 49


Installation photo at Factory 49

This is Halse’s seventh solo exhibition and the first in Sydney comprising four paintings 200 x 170 cm.

One of the four paintings by Fiona Halse

Painting by Fiona Halse

‘Halse harvests essential abstract forms through affective responses and haptic connections to materials. Her approach is Tachist, but her value of drawing principles, plasticity and formalism create an underlying structure to her work. The four paintings connect to the architectonic construction of the industrial space, but the work also seeks to unearth visceral feeling.’ Excerpt exhibition press release. 

Shantih Shantih Shantih

Jon Cattapan, Adam Lee, Sam Martin, Nell, Tomislav Nikolic,
Michelle Ussher, and Jake Walker
16th Jun - 21st Jul 2018

Selected artists:
Jake Walker, New Zealand, currently living in Melbourne

0080, 2017, oil on hardboard wood, 36.5 x 46.0 cm

0081, 2018, oil on linen mounted on ply paint tubes 26.0 x 35.0 cm

Bench Top Painting, 2013 oil on linen 66.4 x 104.3 cm

Sam Martin, Melbourne based artist

L: Back to the Beginning for the First Time, 2018, thread on canvas board artist039s frame, 113.5 x 71.0 cm.
R: No South, No North, No East, No West, 2018 thread on canvas board artist039s frame, 75.5 x 65.5 cm.

Detail, Martin's works are constructed using a sewing machine