Kirtika Kain

To August 3
Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery 

Shame, 2019 tar, Indian cotton, rope, 44 × 39 cm.

Corrupted, 2019, Indian clay, wax, hand made paper, 66 × 61 cm.

‘Corpus has materialised over consecutive residencies in the ancient and modern cities of Delhi and Rome; capitals of power, empire and resistance, at once foreign and familiar. Amongst the grit and the grandeur, I have found my tools: brooms, religious twine, pigments, gold and silver. ‘ Kirtika Kain

Antonia Sellbach

Frame Works
To July 21
Nicholas Thompson Gallery

Antonia Sellbach installation image.

Antonia Sellbach installation image.

Antonia Sellbach installation image. 

‘Antonia Sellbach's work explores the depiction of coloured, serial frames which in their various iterations, expand and contract, and construct and deconstruct. The forms they create allow us to grapple with how we read meaning through an abstract image, the logic of what, where and why. For Sellbach, the repetition of limited forms allows for a language to emerge and it is within this syntax that abstract connections are made.’ Nicholas Thompson Gallery website.

Free and Breathe

Two exhibitions
'Free' Arvid Boecker
'Breathe' curated by Arvid Boecker
June 28 - August 18
Museum St Wendel

Installation photo, 'Free' Arvid Boecker

Installation of 'Breathe' Robert Dunne

Installation of 'Breathe'

Installation of 'Breathe' 

Installation of 'Breathe' 

New Modern

RNOP Melbourne - The Road Paintings 
Curated by Billy Gruner and Aaron Martin.
Five Walls

To June 29

Artists including: Pam Aitken (Au) - Tania Alexander (Au) - Wahida Azhari(De) - Steven Baris (USA) - Arvid Boecker (De) - Karin Beyens (Bel) - Louise Blyton (Au) - Christine Boiry (Fr) - Terri Brooks (Au) - Raymond Carter (Au) - Andrew Christofides (Au) - Chanelle Collier (Au) - Deb Covell (UK) - Ivo Ringe (De) - Dombrovska Elena (Ukr) - Mikala Dwyer (Au) - Craig Easton (Ch) - Stuart Fineman (USA) - Robbie Fraser (Auc) - Connie Goldman (USA) - Daniel Gottin (Ch) - Dima Gred (Rus) - Billy Gruner (Au) - Badri Guhubianuri (Ukr) - Andrew Gutteridge (Au) - Alan Hathaway (Uk) - Jose Heerkens (Nd) - PJ Hickman (Au) - Peter Holm (Dk) - Kyle Jenkins (Au) - Jeffrey Cortland Jones (Usa) - Heather Jones (Usa) - Sarah Keighery (Au) - Graham Davis King (Au) - Erdem Kucuk-Koroglu (Tur) - Emma Langridge (Au) - Karin Lind (Dk) - Aaron Martin(Au) - Kate Kate Mackay (Au) - Tarn McLean (Au) - Munira Naqui (Usa) - John Nixon (Au) - Brooke Nixon (Usa) - Roland Orépük (Fr) - Ulla Pedersen (Dk) - Anya Pesce (Au) - Serhiy Popov (Ukr) - Theresa Poulton (Uk) - Marlene Sarroff (Au) - David Schell (Usa) - Karen Schifano (Usa) - Lisa Sharp (Au) - Suzan Shutann (Usa) - Ingela Skytte (Dk) - Jessica Snow (Usa) - Anya Speilman (Usa) - T. Michael Stephens (Usa) - Bogumila Strojna (Fr) - Tiberiy Szilvashi (Ukr) - Masato Takasaka (Au) - Aimee Aimée Terburg (Nd) - Patricia Todarello (Au) - LI Trincere (Usa) - Stu Burke (Uk) - Richard Van der Richard van der Aa (Fr) - lemke van Djik (Nd) - Myroslav Vayda (Ukr) - Ian Wells (Au) - Stephen Stephen L Wickham (Au) - Sebastian Wickeroth (De) - Joe Wilson (Au) - Guido Winkler (Nd) - Douglas Witmar (Usa) - Elke Wohlfahrt (Au) 

Selected images:

Installation Black

Guido Winkler

Richard van der Aa

Avid Boecker

Deb Covell and Christine Boiry

Iemke van Dijk and John Nixon

A great opportunity for those in Melbourne to see current international reductive/non-objective painting.

Brian Blanchflower

The Substance of Colour
Turner Galleries
To July 6
Blue Octagon, 2009, acrylic on linen on wood 90 x 90 x 5 cm.

Installation photo Four Black Boxes 2005, acrylic, pumice, silica, jarrah charcoal on linen, 33.5 x 154 x 7.5 cm.

Brighton Meditations 5, 2016-18, acrylic on cotton canvas, 81 x 81 x 5 cm

‘Brian Blanchflower is one of Australia's most important living artists. In The Substance of Colour he presents several groups of works completed since 2005, most of which have not been exhibited before; some not exhibited in Perth before; and some which have only appeared in survey shows here. The artworks reveal an ongoing interest in the octagon form as a vehicle for colour, the condensing of paint/matter into horizontal blocks of colour, and the concentrated focal points of colour as a means of activating monochrome surface.’ Excerpt Turner galleries website.

Images from Turner Galleries and Ted Snell on Instagram.

Franz Erhard Walther

Franz Erhard Walther born 1939 Germany

Reina Sofia ‘A Place for the Body’ installation image

‘The work of Franz Erhard Walther ... spans a period from the late 1950s to the present day. It anticipates many issues that came to the fore in later art history, such as the condition of the artistic object (sculpture, its materials, techniques and uses) and the nature of the viewer as receiver and participant.’ Excerpt Reina Sofia website, Madrid. 

Shifting Of Proportion (Wall Formation series), 1981. Cotton, wood, 275 × 310 × 30 cm.

Object for Musical Processes, 1968. Cotton fabric and rope.

Wall Formation series, 1982. Dyed cotton, wood, 305 × 200 × 40 cm. 

Franz Erhard Walther, ‘A Place for the Body’ Reina Sofie, Madrid 2017.
Two minutes:

Jennifer Joseph

For the next 300 years
To June 29

Niagara Galleries
245 Punt Road


Are You Lonesome Tonight? 2016, mixed media, 137 x 305 cm polyptych.

Untitled, c. 1989-92, acrylic, gesso and mixed media on cotton duck, 71 x 61 cm

For the next 300 years, 2017, mixed media, 146 x 183 cm.

Moody Blues 8, 2019, mixed media, 29 x 25.5 cm.

'Jenifer Joseph is motivated by an overwhelming need to make art and the experience of doing so is as important as the self-expression the finished work allows. For her it is a distinctly personal undertaking and one that doesn't require validation form external sources, but rather the knowledge that it worked and the satisfaction and creative liberation that comes with it. Joseph is not driven to exhibit her art publicly, but on the occasions she does, we are always presented with a body of work that is both beautiful and absolutely authentic.' Excerpt Kirsty Grant, 'The Art of Jennifer Joseph', catalogue essay, Jennifer Joseph: for the next 300 years.

Angelina Pwerle

Bush Plum Paintings 2016 - 2019
To June 29
Niagara Galleries
245 Punt Road

Angelina Pwerle installation image.

Angelina Pwerle installation image.

Angelina Ngal Pwerle, Utopia artist b.1947, paints Bush Plum Dreaming from her grandfather’s country, using fine dotting textures. 

Catherine Hearse and Glenn Murray

Complex Life
To June 15
45 Flinders Lane

Installation photo Catherine Hearse.

Installation photo Glenn Murray.

‘Complex Life brings together the work of two friends and artists, Catherine Hearse and Glenn Murray. Both artists use their artistic processes to explore the idea of interdependence and their positions in the world, in a physical, environmental and emotional sense.’ fortyfivedownstairs website.

Heather Shimmen

The Ladies of the Pleiades
1 June – 14 July
survey exhibition 
Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale
Opening speaker Stuart Purves AM, Director, Australian Galleries

Installation photo Kari Henriksen

Installation photo Kari Henriksen

Shimmen’s linocut prints are layered images; featuring prints, fabrics and felts, that draw on the rich history of local and ancient mythology including ‘The Lady of the Swamp’; ‘The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades’; and Shimmen’s own creation ‘Matilda Waltzing’.