Helga Groves

Patterns from the heart of a planet 
Last day 

Fallen Star series #8, 2019, laser cut Perspex, 63 x 91 cm

Patterns from the heart of a planet, 2019, oil and wax on canvas, 120 x 120 cm
Installation image

'Rocks are verbs, writes Marcia Bjornerud in ‘Timefulness’, her account of geology’s study of earth’s planetary history. By offering visible evidence of processes — eruption, accretion, growth — rocks make time legible. Like Bjornerud, Helga Groves reads time’s legibility in the surfaces and markings of stone, transforming them into abstract images and sculptural forms...' Ingrid Periz, Slow Moving Structures, Helga Groves exhibition essay 2018.

Images and text Sutton Gallery Website.

TJ Bateson

Metallic Black
Tacit Galleries
To December 23
168a Gipps Street
Wed-Sun, 11am-5pm

Installation image

Installation image

Bateson's new body of work is dark but not depressing. Rather, it is soothing and the artist says the repetition of his painterly process is both meditative and healing. An experience which is shared by this viewer.

Adrian Wald


From the artist's website: https://adrianwald.de/

Canvaszelle, 2019

Installation image

New York

To December 20 
The waiting room

Steve Reidell
The project room

Adrian Wald 

Steve Riedell

Ingela Skytte

Sharing Fields of Black

Sharing Fields, Cross, black on black, 28", 2019, Acrylic on MDF, 80 x 40 cm.

Installation image

Installation image

Link to artist Ingela Skytte'shttp://www.ingelaskytte.dk/

Daniel Noonan

Echo Hope
To 9 November
Sutton Gallery

Installation image

Installation image

Installation image

'Daniel Noonan’s abstractions are sophisticated balancing acts of colour and composition, in which elusive forms, figures and text emerge and dissolve. Central to Noonan’s painting approach is challenging the boundaries of the picture plane.' Excerpt Sutton Gallery website.

Jim Lee

‘M A K E I T M A G N I F I C E N T’
To November 23

Untitled, 2019, oil on canvas, 51 x 46 cm.

Untitled, 2019, oil and acrylic on linen, 51 x 46 cm.

Images and details from Artnet.

Coterie to Coterie

Biennale of International Reductive and Non Objective Art. 
The guest works
Curated by Billy Gruner
The Stores building, Fri and Sat from 1 to 5 pm weekly, free entry
Parramatta, Sydney

Moon Waters by Suzann Victor

Mark Titmarsh wall work

Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy

Dani Marti

Elke Wohlfahrt

Sarah Keighery

Photo thanks, Marlene Sarroff

Coterie to Coterie

Biennale of International Reductive and Non Objective Art
The RNOP Road Paintings curated by Billy Gruner
The Stores building, Fri and Sat from 1 to 5 pm weekly, free entry
Parramatta, Sydney

 An independent biennale of contemporary reductive arts to be held in assoc with the CNOA Biennale of Grenoble. The event takes place in three cities, Kyiv, Grenoble and Sydney. Over 120 artists from abroad, nationally and locally presenting in Sydney. This is also a new venue for the arts and community located in a warehouse behind Parramatta Goal. 

See The Stores Building on FB for more information
Images: RNOP Road Paintings by Marlene Sarroff

Steven Harvey

Unrendered Room
A Survey exhibition
Opening October 17 at 6pm
To December 15
Drill Hall Gallery 
Australian National University, Canberra 

Steven Harvey

Steven Harvey

“To walk alone in the desert allows me to consider what instinctively emerges in the silence. Preconceived ideas are challenged and the arrogant desire to label all things becomes superfluous. It is here that my dialogue with abstract imagery is heightened and I am left to question, how does one paint this experience of nature?” Steven Harvey quote, press release.

Images, Liverpool Street Gallery

Zac Koukoravas

Mixed Messages
To October 12
Flinders Lane Gallery 

Installation image

Installation image

'The compositions are inspired by a diverse range of references – from graffiti and electronic music to natural and urban environments or landscapes – which manifest through his works in a variety of ways.' Excerpt from Blue Lines catalogue essay by Owen Craven, Melbourne-based Senior Curator with UAP -FLG website